DOI: 10.5176/2251-189X_SEES16.41

Authors: LemengYu, Qin Zhong and ShuleZhang

Abstract: Solvent-free method was used to prepare copper contained SAPO-34 small pore zeolite by mixing, grinding and heating the raw materials with Cu-TEPA added. Compared to the conventional hydrothermal synthesis, the absence of solvent has effectively reduced the waste production, increased the yield, accelerated the crystallization period and eliminated the unsafe high pressure. Otherwise, the use of low-cost Cu-TEPA in direct synthesis will greatly expand the use of those catalysts. The so-prepared zeolite show good crystallization of typical SAPO-34 cube-like crystal structure, excellent BET surface area and pore volume, good NO adsorption properties and diverse acid sites brought by copper. It possessed excellent activity and high N2 selectivity for NH3-SCR DeNOx at wide temperature range, and good hydrothermal stability which was beneficial to the diesel engine NH3-SCR application.

Keywords: SAPO-34, copper-complex, solvent-free, NH3-SCR


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