DOI: 10.5176/2010-4804_3.4.345

Authors: Lee-chuen CHENG


Brand sensitivity is the extent to which consumers actively consider brand information when making buying decisions [1], [2]. When consumers buy products of a certain category, they differentiate between brands. Different brands offer different values to consumers and thus brand differentiation affects consumers buying behavior. This study has two objectives. Theoretically, this study enhances the understanding of brand sensitivity and it attempts to identify antecedents of brand sensitivity and its influence on consumer buying behavior. Practically, business organizations dealing in traditional Chinese medicines (TCM) can have an in-depth understanding of their consumers so that they can develop more effective brand strategies to increase their competitive advantages.
Based on the review of extant literature and the result of the qualitative research, this study indicates that TCM consumers have multi-levels of needs and wants. If matched with the benefits of branded products offered by marketers, consumers have a high sensitivity towards certain brands and they develop brand preferences. Thus it affects consumers buying decisions.

Keywords: Brand sensitivity, TCM health products, consumer buying behavior, consumer value

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