DOI: 10.5176/2345-7201_1.2.24

Authors:  Karma Lakhi Bhutia, Dr .Ratnabali Sengupta, Dr. B. K Kanungo, Dr. Benoy Upreti, Jerina Tewari and Dr. Binod K. Tamang


Changes in the maternal hemodynamics often lead to conditions of fetal hypoxia, fetal hypertension and irregularity in the flow of blood in the umbilical arteries. Any differences in the blood flow is said to be equalized by Hyrtl's anastomosis, a common connection between the umbilical arteries near the cord insertion.
Transverse histological sections followed by routine H&E stain and using Image J software, for the measurement of the muscle thickness and luminal diameter. For continuous variables mean values ±SD was considered and for non continuous variables was expressed as percentages.
On statistical analysis, P values were significant for the muscle thickness between the different groups (P≤0.001).
There was a significant difference in the tunica media of the umbilical arteries and the Hyrtl’s anastomosis in both normotensive groups and pregnancy induced hypertension. In conclusion, the Hyrtl's anastomosis showed a considerable difference in the muscular layers as compared to the umbilical arteries.

Keywords: umbilical arteries, umbilical cord, hyrtl’s anastomosis , pregnancy induced hypertension, smooth muscle

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