DOI: 10.5176/2345-7201_1.2.19

Authors:  Dr. Rita Kalra, Senior Medical Officer (H.A.) and Dr. Sanjay Kalra,Principal


Health is a state subject but being in good health and maintaining it is also an individual responsibility. Being in health department does not ensure good health for life time. All employees undergo medical examination before joining services, but none of them under go yearly health screening in service. Over a period of time due to wear and tear, stress and strain, the body systems give way and the Health Army is no more healthy. Moreover, there is lack of accountability on the part of the employer to safe guard the health of employees from occupational hazards which they are exposed to, each day of services.
Good health of hospital workers is requisite to the health of these patients, however, and is therefore of profound importance. Hence there is need for periodic health appraisal to ensure healthy work force. When employees are aware that the hospital is mindful of their performance and health, they take care of job a responsibility which in turn is related to improved efficiency in hospital services.

Keywords: Health appraisal, job profile, Human Resource Management Standard VII

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