DOI: 10.5176/2251-3140_2.2.36

Authors: Janani Indrakumar and Prof. Dr. K. Dhevendaran


Acalyphaindica commonly known as kuppaimeni, is a well-known medicinal plant which plays a major role in siddha medicine. The rhizosphere soil of this plant contains the streptomycesspecies of interest. This strain is found to be effective against many pathogens such as Aeromonashydrophila, Vibrio alginolyticus, Salmonellasp and fungi such as Aspergillusspetc.,it is found to be an effective immunostimulant when it is fed to fishes since it has antagonistic property towards Aeromonashydrophila ,one of the most common fish pathogen. The phytochemical studies also reveal the
effective antioxidant property exhibited by the ethyl acetate extract of the organism. The GC-MS studies reveals the presence of various bil active compounds which play a major role in pharmaceutical studies.

Keywords: Acalyphaindica, immunostimulant, GCMS, antioxidant

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