DOI: 10.5176/2251-3701_1.1.24

Authors: Nooshin S. Taheri, Aaron S. Blicblau, and Manmohan Singh


As a result of improving life expectancy, the number of elderly people affected by hip fracture is increasing. Hip fracture treatments are different due to different types of fractures. Internal fixation is one of the most reliable treatments for the hip fractures. Nearly half of the fractures are introchanteric fractures that are best treated by with a Dynamic Hip Screw (DHS). However, there are concerns in using DHS, due to the rate of the failure of up to a third of all operations due to the cut out of the lag screw from the head of the femur. Revision surgery is essential if the cut out of the lag screw happens.This study carried out a finite element analysis to establish the effects of different load conditions on the DHS implanted bone system for single-leg stance and fall and the conditions for failure.

Keywords: hip fracture; dynamic hip screw; load configurations; failure

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