DOI: 10.5176/2251-3701_1.1.5

Authors: N. Altalwel


Fifteen samples were selected from a large number of biomass materials according to their viability within the commercial bio-fuel businesses. The same samples have been tested according to the scientific and technical aspects. The data obtained from the two procedures were fed into the ‘Renewable Energy Analyser One (REA1)’ methodology software. The software selected the best five samples according to a scoring mechanism related to the business factors (BF) and the scientific and technical factors (S&T). The final five selected biomass samples have undergone strict scientific tests checking the value of at least nine different characteristics for S&T, as well as thirty one other factors for the BF section. All these factors are applicable and important for the power generating companies and businesses/institutes who deal directly or indirectly with bio-energy related matters. The selection of the final hybrid biomass sample, or what has been termed ‘The Super Fuel sample (SFS)’, is the overall final result related to the procedure mentioned in this paper.

Keywords: Business, bio-fuels, commercial, economic, energy, methodology, samples, scientific, technical

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