DOI: 10.5176/2335-6774_1.2.14

Authors:  Z. Valiani, P. Rezaee


The Early-Late Pleistocene deposits in South-East of Tehran (Kahrizak Formation) consist of gravel, sand and clay facies which are related to alluvial fan deposits. The XRD analysis on fine grained deposits of the formation indicated the existence of clay minerals including montmorillonite, illite and chlorite; also quartz, calcite and anorthite are present as the minor components. We determined provenance and paleoclimate condition of the deposits based on clay minerals type. Montmorillonite and illite were used as the provenance indicator showing volcanic rock as the source rock. All clay minerals indicate low to moderate leaching in temperate to cold climatic setting. Their ICV values are >1 indicating negligible recycling or weathering of the clays. K2O/ Al2O3

Keywords: Kahrizak Formation; clays; paleoclimate; active continental margin

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