DOI: 10.5176_2251-2853_1.1.18

Authors: Z. Ghayoomi, H. Chatri


Increasing needs of world to energy and dependence of Iran to oil revenues as most important revenue of country was caused to importance of implementing vision of petroleum industry that is along with 1404 vision of I.I.R in current decades with critical condition. In this research, answered this question; which role of leadership in implementing the strategy is the most important one? Then, some issue as a literature review for assessing strategy, vision and implementing them was studied. For solving the problem, research was done as a case study –descriptive and cross- sectional survey. Data was gathered by distributing questionnaires among 110 people of managers and experts in petroleum industry in Tehran. Research answered this question with alpha cronbach 0.921.

Keywords: strategic planning, vision, implementation, senior managers, strategic leadership, petroleum industry

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