DOI: 10.5176/2251-2853_1.2.27

Authors: Wang Lian


The theory of cognition is one of the key points for us to understand the world; it is the cornerstone of many disciplines. The existing theory of cognition is mainly focused on oral and written languages. This paper discusses that cognition is not based on oral and written language but five kinds of perceptions (sensory experience), while oral and written languages are only used as communication tools between individuals. All the cognition units can be expressed as five kinds of perceptions, in another word, all the cognition units are anchored with five kinds of perceptions. One cognition unit cannot be isolated; it has to be anchored with other cognition units or perceptions. Oral and written languages are part of the cognition that can be expressed and received. The principal parts of the cognition are hidden behind the oral and written languages.

Keywords: cognition; philosophy; perception; five senses

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