DOI: 10.5176/2251-2853_1.2.43

Authors: Lina Buchely


This artucke analyze the legislative reform thar include the care economy in Colombia's national accounts in conjunction with the transnational feminist accounting project initiated by Marilyn Warring in 1988, which claims to include the domestic work in an alternative GDP ineasure. The author argues that the new law creats incentives that would turn women into ineffcient actors in the market, because it defines women's work as a series of natural activities associated with motherhood and domestic work. Therefore, the landing of the account project in Colombia strengthens a legal standard of family, empolyment and social security law, which construvts the women as subject by naturalized the care work and a welfare as a female and not a state provision. The article concludes by showing how the current regulations covering domestic work and its associated social cost could be changed by carrying out incremental reforms designed to improve the social position of women in terms both of power and resources.

Keywords: Accounting project, care economy, Domestic, feminist economy

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