DOI: 10.5176/2251-2853_1.2.31

Authors: Madhavi Latha Maganti., Beena Chintalapuri., and Raghu Venkataraman


Errors that occur while performing mapping operations showed that the mean number of errors committed by thirty participants was 52.90 (SD = 18.55). Participants who were high on error occurrence (M = .05, SD = .016) made more number of skill-based performance errors when compared to participants who were low on error occurrence (M = .03, SD =.006), F (1, 28) = 31.66, p < .001. Participants who were grouped as field-dependent perceptual style made more number of skill based performance errors while impulsive cognitive style participants made more number of rule-based performance errors. These factors were identified as risk factors for predicting error occurrence. Results also indicated that intervention facilitated error reduction and helped to improve performance. Keywords: Cognitive factors, Mapping errors, Riskfactors, Skill-rule-knowledge based performance errors

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