DOI: 10.5176/2335-6618_2.1.29

Authors: Paul Animbom Ngong


Man as a societal being, lives in community settings with other people wherein communication is needed in all daily interactions. Through communication, people are able to share understandings, protect one another and develop methods of solving problems encountered. For these results to be achieved, community members need to develop adequate interpersonal and communication skills which can enable them interact with each other. One approach of developing the aforementioned skills is through therapeutic theatre, which as a forum, permits community members to partake in improvisational acts. It becomes important therefore to find out how these improvisational acts facilitate interpersonal and communication skills. Based on a review of improvisation for therapeutic purposes, this article portrays that the act of engaging in improvisational enactments by community members go a long way to foster the development of interpersonal and communication skills and the enhancement of wellbeing.

Keywords: interpersonal; communication; therapeutic theatre; improvisation; wellbeing

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