DOI: 110.5176/2345-718X_1.1.2

Authors: Anna Maria Teresa S. de Guzman, Alejandro N. Herrin, Noemi C. Bautista and Leslie DP. Escalada


Locally-generated data facilitates strategic provision of high level family planning (FP) and maternal and child health (MCH) services to its constituents. However, generation of such data remains to be a complex undertaking at the local level owing to both financial and technical capacity constraints. The USAIDassisted HealthGov Project, in collaboration with its regional and local counterparts, has facilitated innovations to improve existing information on health program coverage and identification of
unmet need for FP and MCH and to generate new information on logistics and service delivery capacity of the supply side. Such innovations motivate the use of information not only in planning but real-time provision of FP and MCH services. The Department of Health (DOH) continues its efforts and technical assistance to sustain such innovations so that generation and analysis of data becomes an inherent part of the provision of services at the local level.

Keywords: family planning, innovation, local information system, maternal and child health,

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