DOI: 10.5176/0000-0001_1.1.7

Authors: Paul Bernier


According to Consciousness representationalism (CR), the qualitative character of a conscious experience is captured by its representational content. The Representational theory of consciousness (RTC) and the Higher-order approach to consciousness (HOAC) are the two main versions of CR.   RTC is faced with some notorious problems suggesting that HOAC is preferable.  I argue that standard versions of the latter are faced with an intolerable infinite regress. I propose a non-standard version of the HOAC, the Self-Representational theory of consciousness (SRTC), as a way to overcome       that problem. I distinguish various interpretations of SRTC and argue in support of the interpretation according to which the (self)-representational content is a de re proposition.

Keywords: Consciousness, qualitative character, representation, higher-order theories of consciousness, self-representation

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