DOI: 10.5176/2301-394X_ACE13.36

Authors: Dongjianfei, Handong soo, Liu Daping


This Centers on the complex and numberous Travel records of Beijing and Hancheng, depart from Static study which is mainly discussed in the field of architectural history , a dynamic study with a focus from the perspective of user will be attempted in this study. Though analyze the urban and construction of Beijing city that recorded by the envoys, do some comparative studies in order to ascertain more features for different construction types and urban landscape of the capital city of that period by the envoys' eyes.

This paper explore the Artistic of Diplomatic Etiquette Activities and the Impressions for two cities by the envoys. Though the condition for Korean and Chinese envoys and the change of activity territory that had represented by quantity of envoys records we got the urban landscape and construct spatial impression of Beijing City .

Keywords: Ceremonial Spaces,Yeon Heng Rok book,Yeon Heng Rok imgage,comparison analysis


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