DOI: 10.5176/2301-394X_ACE15.103

Authors: Naai-Jung Shih and Chie-Shan Cheng


The urban fabrics of Taipei Eastern District (or TED) are reinterpreted, based on a combination of 3D as-built scans and GIS-related drawings such as census maps, cadastral drawings, and aerial images. The as-built data, which are made of about 7.7 billion points, enhances the perception of the physical layout of the commercial culture for tea street, the Internet auction street, the BBQ street, the celebrity street, a 24-hour bookstore, and a new style supermarket. The scans also add the knowledge of a commercial culture onto the multi-layered interface between public and private spaces. A 3-way urban fabric from block-wise to shop-front features is presented, based on horizontal and vertical cuts along the alleys.

Keywords: point cloud, 3D scan, urban fabrics


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