DOI: 10.5176/2301-394X_ACE18.121

Authors: Shivani R. Kumar, Patrick Bussett and Abigail J. Charest


Net Zero Energy Buildings are increasingly popular in today’s architecture, civil engineering, and construction world. By 2020, the state of California will require all newly constructed residential buildings to be net zero. As our world faces the growing issues of resource depletion, new technologies and practices must be explored to prolong the longevity of our world. This literature review explores net zero and compares two different projects on opposite coasts of the United States. Their respective geographies and climates play an important role in how architects and engineers design and execute these innovative, resilient projects.

Keywords: Net zero energy; NZE; building envelope; highperformance insulation; high-performance framing; Woods Hole Research Center; Bullitt Center; Schuco curtain wall; curtain wall;


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