DOI: 10.5176/2301-394X_ACE14.72

Authors: Miguel A. Guerrero and Andrés Montoyo


The building construction process needs to be planned taking into account the space zones and construction methods required for the development of its activities. Most of traditional scheduling techniques used in the building sector do not consider these requirements. This paper differentiates between planning and scheduling processes, and focuses on the planning process. We present a model that has the capacity to work together with space zones and construction methods, and to manage the necessary elements to develop useful and realistic planning of the building construction process. This model uses a predetermined location breakdown structure for capturing the dynamic character of work space that exists in building projects. In order to validate the feasibility and usefulness of the presented model, it was implemented in a computer application and tested through the development of a case study. This proof determined the validity of the model, which is robust enough to capture the different space and technological needs required by the construction process, which involves the materialisation of a multi-storey building project. Also, the proposed planning model allows us to model different options to construct a building in a simple way. The study presented in this paper is only a first step and it is encompassed within a larger research project.

Keywords: Planning; Workspace; Building Construction; Space Zoning; Model


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