DOI: 10.5176/2301-394X_ACE17.105

Authors: Kyeong-Ho Park and Kyoon-Tai Kim


With the keen interest in exterior cleaning that has been shown in recent years, the demand for window cleaning has been on the rise among the businesses for which external appearance is significant. However, it is hard to estimate the market scale because the current state of demand and requirements for window cleaning are not clearly understood. In this study, a survey of owners, managers and residents was conducted on the necessity of and demands and requirements for window cleaning. Through the survey, it was found that window cleaning should be performed more frequently than it is currently, and that there is potential demand for an automated window cleaning robot. However, the findings have a limitation in that the number of respondents was not large enough to secure its validity. For this reason, the survey continues, and a more reliable estimate of demand will be achievable in the future based on a larger number of respondents.

Keywords: cleaning robot, construction automation, maintenance, survey analysis, window cleaning


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