DOI: 10.5176/2301-394X_ACE16.67

Authors: Sirimas Hengrasmee, Sant Chansomsak


This paper is based on the research “The physical potential of a row house and town house in Phitsanulok to support a self-reliant lifestyle as guided by the Philosophy of Sufficiency Economy”. The research surveyed and studied the physical ability of row houses and town houses in urban areas. Based on the series of former researches on self-reliant of several types of existing houses, this research continues to study a mixed-use building of row house and town house. The research actually expects to get a result that shows low level of self-reliant in all basic categories. However, not only surpluses can be found from production in both energy and water for gardening, it has also proven to be able to produce enough vegetable to comfortably satisfy a family with two people on its available open areas. The findings of this research put into focus the ability of a row house and town house of being a great mixed-use building, not only for living, working, but also producing life’s essentials as well.

Keywords: Row House; Self-reliance; Mixed-use building


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