DOI: 10.5176/2301-394X_ACE15.37

Authors: Suyog Gupta and Pradeep Kumar & Anita Tripathi


Solid waste management is one of the most challenging issues of the developing countries due to the huge quantities of solid waste generation. This paper presents a developmental work for solid waste monitoring and management system. A component monitoring system has been developed with the aim of achieving an effective waste management system. With this it is easy to monitor the collection and transportation systems. It provides a real time information of solid waste from generation point to disposal site. These technologies are good enough to ensure the practical and fool proof solid waste collection and transportation monitoring which in turn leads to the greener environment. The Identification and Communication technologies such as RFID and GSM have been used with the support of some software packages.

Keywords: real time; solid waste; monitor; management; RFID; GSM

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