DOI: 10.5176/2301-394X_ACE13.147

Authors: Muhammad Imran, Nasir Shafiq, Ibrisam Akbar


Strengthening of reinforced concrete (RC) beam using fibre Reinforced Polymer (FRP) revealed as the most efficient strengthening material due to its numerous mechanical properties. From literature, different experiment conducted to discuss strengthening options for RC beam, based on the observed crack pattern and failure mechanism. The appearance of crack formation on RC beams under loading identifies the mode of failure. For example, to increase the flexural capacity of RC beam, FRP is applied at the tension zone. Similarly, for shear and torsion strengthening FRP wraps is being applied at the both faces of the beam. In previous studies the achievement of high strength in shear and torsion is attributed by applying full wrap. Practically the application of full wrap on RC beam is impossible and required more in-depth study to propose practical solutions. However, the combined effects of flexure, shear and torsion have not been discussed yet. Therefore, the strengthening schemes from literature are combined to propose new strengthening scheme for RC beam under combine the action of flexure, shear and torsion. However, experimental data are required to validate the proposed scheme

Keywords: Crack Pattern; Reinforced Concrete; Flexure; Shear; Torsion; FRP Strengthening scheme

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