DOI: 10.5176/2301-394X_ACE18.57

Authors: Farhadur Reza, Dr. Anisha Noori Kakon, Dr. Shoichi Kojima and Sania Sifat Miti


This paper is an attempt to analyze the relation of energy consumption with socio-economic and building geometric features of residential buildings in Dhaka city. Energy consumption data are collected from households’ monthly electricity bill charged by Dhaka Electricity Supply Company; while socio-economic characteristics and building features are obtained through household interview and measurement of buildings’ floor and window dimensions. The study finds that, energy consumption has a strong positive relation with number of appliances, monthly income, flat size and window area. Pearson correlation results indicate that, influences of socioeconomic characteristics on energy consumption are more noteworthy than building design criteria. Opening and thermal characteristics of window materials also affect buildings’ energy consumption.

Keywords: energy consumption; residential building; building geometry; socio-economic factors; Dhaka city


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