DOI: 10.5176/2301-394X_ACE18.80

Authors: Mouli Majumdar and Joy Sen


The preliminary background study brings forward the new paradigm of rapidly urbanizing regions that are not confined to city boundaries and grow in response to dispersed opportunities. The rapid growth of the metropolis thus has two major spatial aspects: the compaction forces of Brownfield redevelopments that functions towards the metropolis core and the constant conversion of Greenfield to Brownfield developments that leads to outward expansion of the metropolis. An attempt has been made to assess the urbanization trend of Kolkata Metropolitan Area is terms of the Brownfield transformation it has undergone over the decades under the broad themes of (A) Direction of urban growth (B) Classification of Urban growth in terms of Brownfield –Greenfield percentage share, (C) Classification of the Brownfield development in terms of spatial patterns of development

Keywords: Brownfield transformation, global urban transition, Kolkata Metropolitan Area, land use pattern,


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