DOI: 10.5176/2301-394X_ACE18.83

Authors: Treethip Pratoommanee and Piyanut Wethyavivorn


The purpose of this study is to examine contractors' attitudes toward and their behaviour in construction waste management in Thailand. We use questionnaires to survey a group of contractors and analysis of causes of construction waste, construction waste minimization measures, and benefits of construction waste management. The samplers consist of a group of 65 contractors with following qualifications (1) less than 5-year work experience, (2) 6 to 15-year work experience, (3) more than 15- year work experience, (4) work position as managers, (5) work position as site technicians, (6) work position as office technicians, (7) experienced in green buildings, and (8) inexperienced in green buildings. We find that contractors' attitude and behaviour of each group are in agreement and the study shows the most frequent cause of construction waste are changing in design and mistakes during design process. The best measures of construction waste minimization that the samplers agree are in planning process and acknowledgement and awareness of construction waste effects. The samplers' perspective towards the benefits of construction waste management is different, that is most of the contractors reckon that the construction waste management enhances good image of companies. On the other hand, the samplers who have more than 15- year work experience and work position as managers consider it has the most advantage for the environment.

Keywords: component; Construction waste; waste management; contractor; Thailand


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