DOI: 10.5176/2301-394X_ACE16.24

Authors: HongGi Kim, Jaeseok Ryou, MinWook Koo, TaeHan Song, SuHo Choi, SeoungYeop Lee


This experiment focused on the study that microcrack of concrete structure is more easily repaired by self-healing technology than other technology. Although Self-healing technology is widely studied in concrete filed recently, it is rarely applied to repair and maintenance method. Since there are many problems in repair and maintenance work on concrete surface at construction site, it is necessary to develop the material with selfhealing ingredients. Therefore, the crack repair stick developed to apply for repairing micro-cracks(less than 0.3 mm) of concrete. The usability of crack repair stick is to verify equally between repaired surface and existing surface on crack on surface of concrete at construction site. In fact, there is not necessary to repair on micro-cracks(less than 0.3mm) of concrete because it was not influenced to durability of concrete. However, water leakage or penetration of water on surface of concrete through micro-crack could be protected by repairing and maintaining. These problems should be caused to decrease the durability of concrete structure. Therefore, crack repair stick is able to resist and protect from the outside influence when micro-cracks were repaired by using crack repair stick. Therefore, in order to evaluate the water tightness on surface of repaired crack is experimented by water treatment test. Also, in order to confirm the performance and condition of construction site are observed after micro-crack on surface of existing concrete structure was repaired by using crack repair stick. On the other hand, selfhealing property by using crack repair stick which contains selfhealing agents is experimented, such as relative dynamic modulus of elasticity, observation of microscope, when generating re-crack on repaired surface. As a result, it has verified that durability enhanced by using crack repair stick. Therefore, it has verified that crack repair stick is capable of protecting the water leakage and penetration of water. Also, using crack repair stick which contains self-healing agents is capable of autonomic healing on re-crack of concrete structure.

Keywords: self-healing, repair, maintenance, surface treatment method, micro-crack

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