DOI: 10.5176/2301-394X_ACE17.101

Authors: Eun-Young Shin, Kyoon-Tai Kim and Young-Hun Jun


Construction projects involve some risks that if not managed properly can lead to issues such as deterioration in productivity or quality, and even serious damages and casualties. The same is true for cleaning work of building’s exterior, and it is thus a pressing issue to improve the working process for cleaning of building’s exterior due to the riskiness of working conditions, in which a worker must hang on a rope to do the job. To achieve an improvement in window cleaning work, the current state of exterior cleaning work is investigated, the limitations and risk factors are analyzed, and R&D cases are also researched. As a means of resolving the problems that have been identified, a new R&D direction for exterior cleaning is proposed. The findings of this research are expected to contribute to improved safety, reductions in cost and labor, and improved maintenance and improved window cleaning of the building façade by providing fundamental data that can aid in the development of an exterior cleaning method.

Keywords: cleaning robot, construction automation, maintenance, window cleaning, work analysis


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