DOI: 10.5176/2301-394X_ACE16.69

Authors: Rafal Szydlowski, Magdalena Szreniawa


Construction of buildings is often associated with creation of the large, free from supports spaces in the lower floors with dense structural system on the upper floors. To transmit the load from the upper floors to the foundation, transfer slabs and beams are constructed. They are heavily loaded, bended and sheared components, which require a significant height of cross-section. The use of prestressing reduces cross-section height of reinforced concrete transfer elements. The Warsaw office and service building completed last year in the part situated above the W-Z route tunnel, contains 6 post-tensioned transfer beams with 1.80×1.60m cross-section and variable span in the supports axes from 23.80 to 28.20m. Beams represent foundation for five storey building. The paper presents basic principles of design, results of deformation of the structure during erection obtained from theoretical FEM model and measured as well as applied technology.

Keywords: transfer beam; post-tension; composite cross-section; prestressed slab

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