DOI: 10.5176/2301-394X_ACE13.91

Authors: Waldemar Bober, Krzysztof Janczura


The proximity of residential areas requires the use of acoustic elements to protect against noise. Safety considerations require to move acoustic barriers away from the edge of the road. Due to the location of acoustic barriers on the embankment and required technology of installation, the screens are settled on reinforced concrete piles. Shaped line of cross-section of a vertical screen was analyzed, in term of aesthetic and geometric optimization. Large weight of reinforced concrete acoustic barriers reduces the dynamic effects of wind. Cantilever steel post with a T-shaped cross section, designed for the structural system of transparent acoustic walls are considered. According to binding design codes, such structure is subjected mostly to load cases causing bending. In the adverse wind load case, the free longitudinal edge of the web is compressed. The loss of stability may occur by lateral deflection of the compressed zone of the web.

Keywords: acoustic screens, pc elements, steel posts

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