DOI: 10.5176/2301-394X_ACE15.105

Authors: Golnaz Salehi Mourkani


This Central Asia and Middle East countries faced with a vast group of historical building that at the past time possess main role in the field of society and economy and also government consolidation of power in some area. Obviously reuse is known as a solution for conservation of historical relic. But from one hand this solution must be associated with contemporary needs in society meanwhile considering heritage values in adaptive reuse. Compatibility of these together most of time is a challenge for adaptive reuse. This paper through examination of several case studies of adaptive reuse of caravanserai propose an appropriate methods for reuse this type of cultural heritage building. Review of Reuse heritage building of caravanserai can be demonstrated historical background and the turning point in the utilization of systematic reuse in Iran and Turkey that in this paper will be discussed.

Keywords: carvanserai; han; adaptive reuse; cultural heritage value;

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