DOI: 10.5176/2301-394X_ACE18.68

Authors: Shivangi Singh Parmar, Arkopal K Goswami and Joy Sen


In this era of rapid development, hundreds of new cities and surrounding regions or city-region are emerging in the developing countries like China, India, and Malaysia. New cities provide an opportunity for resilient socio-economic landscape development. Development of new cities and city region is similar to draw on blank paper that helps in eradication of the pressing issues of urban areas like slum development, non-employment, pollution, lack of infrastructure and others. The concept of development of the new city in isolation effects the sustainability of the city as it is an integral part of the region. Regional settings of the new city will determine the long-term sustainability. When the new city grows in isolation, it will give rise to the polarisation of resources, services, and population leading to the regional economic imbalance. This very problem is a lesson for the development of new cities as a city should not be treated as the single system but a part of the larger system known as the city-region. Allocation of infrastructure in a city should be based on the resilient socio-economic landscapes of future development.

Keywords: polarisation; regional imbalance; resilience; cityregion; preparedness


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