DOI: 10.5176/2251-2179_ATAI12.18

Authors: Wim Zeiler, Rinus van Houten Gert Boxem, Joep van der Velden

Abstract: Performance demands for building are becoming more and more difficult to fulfill especially within the operational phase of buildings. This leads to new demands for the process control for buildings and development of Intelligent Buildings. To be able to reach the necessary goals, the application of AI techniques could be very useful, especially multi agent systems have an enormous potential for improving the operational process control. However up to now in practice there still are no applications of intelligent agents in operational building management systems. Our field tests with multi agent systems in combination with building management systems led to the experience that the combination of AI and Intelligent Buildings is a promising one, and thus we continue to develop a Multi agent comfort and energy systems as an addition to or even a replacement for existing Building Management Systems.

Keywords: component; multi agent technology, building management systems, comfort and energy


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