DOI: 10.5176/2251-2179_ATAI12.11

Authors: Teruya Yamanishi, Jian-Qin Liu, Haruhiko Nishimura

Abstract: Nowadays, there begin attempts to understand the dynamical behavior of multiscale neural system using neural network models since fluctuations on BOLD signals of the brain at a rate lower than 0:1 Hz have been observed by fMRI under dozing situation, whose phenomenon is referred as “default mode brain network.” We model the default mode brain network by functionally connecting neural clusters composed of spiking neurons with a complex network. Through numerical simulations for the model including transmission delays and complex connectivities, the network dynamics of the neural system and its behavior are quantitatively discussed.

Keywords: Default-mode brain network; Slow synchronizations;
Time delay; BOLD signals.


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