DOI: 10.5176/978-08-8227-3_BICB2011-30

Authors: Hun-Gi Kim, Yu-Jin Kang, Seung-Hyun Jung, Chi-Hwan Choi and Wan-Sup Cho


ClustalW is a common tool of MSA(multiple sequence alignment) in the bioinformatics field. However, conventional MSA services are not well organized. Their performance is so weak and they require complicated manual labor frequently. In this paper, we propose an efficient MSA system, C-ClustlaW, based on highperformance cloud computing environment. To remove manual labor, various cumbersome activities related with post-processing for MSA such as experimental design, collecting sequence data, data refinement and, etc. are automated on our system. Furthermore, each experiment is managed as a project and all the data and results in the experiment are accumulated in the server for providing personalized experimental environment via Internet. After finishing all alignment process, C-ClustalW could display sequence data in alignment as a tree structure. As a result, we can implement all processes of MSA on a single system.


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