DOI: 10.5176/2251-2489_BioTech15.14

Authors: Dr. Tara Mann and Dr. Karen Kashmanian Oates

Abstract: With advances in life science research and our understanding of the world around us comes the potential for the use of this knowledge not for the benefit but for the harm of our public health. Life science research with significant potential to be modified and used for malevolent purposes has been termed dual use research of concern (DURC). As a first step in protecting our biosecurity, governmental and professional scientific associations have stressed the need for the education of our scientific community on DURC. In this paper, we present the results of a pilot survey examining the current state of awareness, training and educational efforts in the area of DURC on our university campuses. Based on the survey data, only a small percentage of our faculty are knowledgeable in the area of DURC with the vast majority having received no formal training in the area nor do they provide training for their students. Challenges and recommendations for improving education of the scientific community in DURC are discussed.

Keywords: Dual Use Research of Concern, Higher Education, Teaching Modules, Scientific Responsibility


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