DOI: 10.5176/2251-1970_BizStrategy16.11

Authors: Chang-Lin Yang, Yu-Ping Lin

Abstract: In the process of promoting social enterprise, social entrepreneurs need to have ability of social impact and business management. This study constructs a talent nurturing system of training operation, management and social entrepreneurship for social enterprises. In the content, the talent nurturing system is based on social requirement and business operation which includes course, teaching hours and teaching methods. In the time horizon, the talent nurturing system includes operation skill training in the short-term, management training in the mid-term, and theory and analysis capability cultivation in the long-term. In the fostering agency, the talent nurturing system includes universities, government vocational training institutions (center), and social enterprise internship. The talent cultivation plan is based on ability requirement of social enterprises operation and management. Depending on the capabilities characteristics of social enterprise required, the talent cultivation plan will provide the most suitable training courses and training methods.

Keywords:social enterprise; training system; training program


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