DOI: 10.5176/978-981-08-8408-6_BizStrategy2011_28

Authors: Ruswiati Surya Saputra


The internet is part of every industry in this world. The impacts of its use are unavoidable. It changes internal condition of a company as well as the external environment. Inside a company, the choice of using internet influences broad activities in the value chain and brings advantages when it is regarded as a complement to traditional value chain activities. In the external environment, internet changes the industry
structure and the relationship between different industries. Porter claimed that the internet has created negative impact on industry structure. It lowers the barrier of each forces, brings more competitive rivalry. While the 3Ds Model explains the change in value system of industries through disintermediary, disaggregation, and digital convergence.

Keywords: Internet, 3Ds Model, value chain, industry structure, value system, strategic, management


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