DOI: 10.5176/978-981-08-8113-9_CAR2011-17

Authors: F.J. Atero, J.J. Vinagre, F.J. Sim´o, M.R. Wilby


GUIADE is a national Spanish project whose aim is to improve efficiency in the public transport system through autonomous public transport vehicles and intelligent traffic management. It does this by monitoring data obtained from sensors in public vehicles and infrastructure. The data is then merged with data mined from other sources and processed, using both centralized and distributed techniques, to provide control and management information back to the transport system. This requires a complex movement of data both upstream and downstream. To this end we built a heterogeneous network that distributes data between the traffic management center and the infrastructure, vehicles, and users. Such a network posses significant problems for the routing protocol. We propose HARP, a hierarchical, adaptive, and reliable routing protocol able to optimize both the upstream and the downstream traffic. It includes a local recovery algorithm and is robust in the presence of link failure. Analysis of the protocol demonstrates that it outperforms traditional single path routing protocols such as AODV in extending the lifetime of the routes while imposing limited overhead and end-to-end delay.

Keywords: Adaptive Routing Protocol, Autonomous Transport Vehicles, Intelligent Traffic Management, Heterogeneous Communication Network, GUIADE.


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