DOI: 10.5176/2251-2446_CAR16

Authors: Lan Anh Trinh, Dong Han Kim and Sungyoung Lee

Abstract: Localization so far plays an important role in the development of mobile robot. In order to locate the position of a robot, both the coordinates and the heading angle of a robot are usually necessary. However, in a referential system, there is a relationship between the coordinates and the heading angle. When the heading angle is known, the coordinates of a robot can be computed accordingly. Thus, the localization problem is corresponding to the heading angle estimation problem. Based on this mechanism, in this paper, we introduce a new localization method by just estimating the arrival angle of the signal transmitted from the mobile robot. The localization method is based on the Matrix Pencil algorithm. To evaluate the performance of the proposed algorithm, we have examined the algorithm with simulations. The results show that the algorithm is not only suitable for the localization of single source signal but also for the localization of multiple source signals from a multi-robot system.
Keywords: Matrix pencil algorithm, localization, DOA, RF mobile robot.


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