DOI: 10.5176/978-981-08-8113-9_CAR2011-24

Authors: Luis A. Mateos and Markus Vincze


This paper describe the design of a remote control able to dynamically manage three water polo robots for the IEEE mini-robotic contest. In the contest, two teams participate, each team consist of 3 aquatic robots, one person control one robot independently with a remote control. The dynamic multi-robot remote control (DMRRC) enables a single person to control the entire team, by selecting which robot to be used and which action to be executed, one at a time. Moreover, the slave robots contain IR sensors which in conjunction with a tracking algorithm, enables the robots to play in such a way like a human player.

The robots are executing such a task while the remote control is managing one of the three robots. Therefore the remote control is able to perform dynamic orders, the robots are always performing a task, either a pre-defined or a direct order from the remote control; and not only static order, where a robot is in standby waiting for the controller to set a task.

Keywords: component; Multi-agent, remote control, telerobotics, robotics, robotic contest.


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