DOI: 10.5176/2251-1865_CBP19.75

Authors: Qin An

Abstract: The study has investigated the effect of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy applied to the case work of a widowed elderly woman. The Client was the widowed elderly woman in a community of Beijing. She had many bereavement experiences. Her negative emotion came from some irrational beliefs such as her own destiny was unfortunate, which caused her relatives die, and It is meaningless to live because of old age. At the same time she was lack of constructive action in real life to promote happiness. According to Cognitive Behavioral Therapy model, 8 counseling sessions were implemented. The effect was evaluated by interviews before and after the intervention. The effect of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for widowed elderly woman was proved, and its application advantages in China are discussed.

Keywords: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, widowed elderly woman, case study


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