DOI: 10.5176/2251-1865_CBP18.46

Authors: Aderinwale Adedoyin, Pouya Ghasemlou and Prof. Jaeseung Jeong

Abstract: The perception of time is an essential feature that underlies numerous cognitive and decision making processes. However, the exact nature of the mechanism of timing, and differences in the timing behaviors of individuals have not been thoroughly studied. Our work goes deep into time perceptive behaviors of smokers even whilst they are smoking, in order to establish the presence of fundamental differences amongst smoker groups under different conditions, and a control group. Our findings show a strong group-level correlation between nicotine levels and both underestimation and overestimation error tendencies in the prospective time domain. We also found similar strong group-level correlations in the magnitude of errors made in the retrospective time domain. These two findings suggest that there are potentially interesting differences between smokers and non-smokers which might be mediated by nicotine.


Keywords:Positive emotion, negative emotion, well-being, infertile women, individualistic culture, collectivistic culture


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