DOI: 10.5176/2251-1865_CBP13.38

Authors: Kensei Tsuchida, Tadaaki Kirishima, Chieko Kato, Futoshi Sugimoto


The purpose of this study is to see the difference in the kinds of stress people experience when living abroad. By understanding what causes this stress, we can devise an online counseling system to support Japanese workers in foreign countries. We ask seven questions for respondents to a survey and they provide answers to our questions, in agreement with our description form. We carry out morphological analysis of the results and category classification by word class. We henceforth call this category by word classes. Additionally we categorize the tendencies of responses according to our questions to use KJ method. In response to our question, "Do you have any trouble because of cultural differences?", for example, we categorize these responses. Then we carry out fuzzy cluster analysis based on these information in the procedure hereinafter prescribed. We also explain output of the fuzzy cluster analysis.

Keywords: mental health, questionarie, living abroad, fuzzy cluster analysis


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