DOI: 10.5176/2251-1865_CBP13.34

Authors: Chieko Kato, Satoshi Yoshinuma, Hideo Shibutani, Futoshi Sugimoto, Kensei Tsuchida


People who are troubled with a psychological disorder including depression are increasing. The rate of suicide is high in Japan, and it is approximately twice times that of U.S.A. from the data 2011[1]. One of the methods of Japanese psychotherapy is a box garden. Using miniature figures, a patient can project the interior of the mind and relive stress. Interpretation is very important, however one challenge is that interpretation is highly subjective. So each counselor’s interpretation may be somewhat different. This study was conducted in order to achieve a more objective interpretation. For an objective index, we employed behavior analysis in the process of creating a box garden and checking the head movement. The following reveals a common point between a counselor’s interpretation and the behavior analysis.Namely, we can determine whether a person’s psychic energy is concentrated more in the inner world or in the outer world, which is the world of reality, as well as measure the quantity of that energy. Behavior analysis reveals the possibility of supplementing an objective interpretation.

Keywords: Box garden therapy, Video analysis, Analysis of behavior


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