DOI: 10.5176/2251-1865_CBP27

Authors: Ayomi Indika Irugalbandara

Abstract: Students’ problems that are related to non – academic behavior within the school environment need to be addressed uniquely and Drama therapy involves the personal growth of the student. Storytelling Therapy emerges here as an excellent resource. It uses dramatic forms and strategies in a dynamic, sequential manner. It can convey essential messages toward the student's personal needs. Based on the physical and psychological stages of human development. Stressing personal physical and intellectual growth, Developmental stories place greater emphasis on affective learning than on cognitive learning and on the learning process than on the product or presentation. In its developmental capacity, Drama plays a vital role in the curriculum and that is as a helping or therapeutic medium. It recognized as a medium, which offers significant implications for the field of Drama Education.

Keywords: Drama Therapy, Behavioral problems, Disruptive Behavior


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