DOI: 10.5176/2251-1865_CBP18.63

Authors: Cahyo Adi Prabowo, Annisaa Miranty Nurendra

Abstract: This study aims to determine the relationship between workload, job stress and work engagement on field worker. Participants in this study were 141 civil servants in one ministry in Indonesia. The hypotheses were workload and job stress will correlate negatively with work engagement. Data were collected with the workload scale (based on Hart & Staveland, 1981), job stress scale (based on Robbins, 2006), and adaptation of Utrecht Work Engagement Scale (UWES-17) developed by Schaufeli and Bakker (2003). The results of data analysis showed that: 1) there is positive correlation between workload and work engagement (r = 0.363 dan p = 0.000), 2) there is positive correlation between job stress with work engagement (r = 0.321 dan p = 0.000). The results showed that hypotheses were rejected because the negative correlation was not happen. Another additional test showed there is significant positive correlation between workload with job stress (r = 0.739 dan p = 0.000). Further analysis are discussed.


Keywords: work engagement, workload, job stress, field worker


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