DOI: 10.5176/2301-3761_CCECP15.33

Authors: Chong Fui Chin, Willy Wong Xiu Fa, Geraldine Chan Sue Ching, Chan Bun Hoo


To avoid the use of toxic and harmful chemical agents commonly used in the chemical reduction of graphene oxide (GO), a green reducing agent using kaffir lime leaves extract (KLLE) with abundant of chlorophyll is studied. Reduction of GO was carried out at room temperature in an aqueous medium. Optimization of the chlorophyll concentration and reduction time was performed. The reduced graphene oxide by KLLE was observed by ultraviolet-visible spectroscopy and characterized by field emission scanning electron microscope. The KLLE in 25 g/L optimum concentration reduces exfoliated GO in 3 h.

Keywords: graphene oxide, green reduction, kaffir lime leave


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