DOI: 10.5176/2301-3761_CCECP.04

Authors: R. B. Choudhary


A model study of tribo-chemical reaction was carried out in the research laboratory with elemental iron (ferum) particles of known particle size. AF/AW additive compounds of thio-octadecenoate origin comprising carbon, hydrogen, oxygen and sulfur were used for the said reaction. The tribo-chemical films in the crude form were collected in amorphous and composite phase and were subjected for micro-layer analysis using FTIR micro-reflectance absorption spectroscopic (MRAS) technique. Their chemical composition and approximate molecular formulae were estimated. Further, these films were well processed and separated into different possible sub-layer fractions by solvent fractionation using polar solvents of increasing polar strength. Their elemental analyses were also known along with the possible configuration of their chemical constitutions. These analyses were found very useful for explaining the mode and mechanisms of action of the additive compounds employed for imparting various tribological performances. The nature of the films and chemical bonds were investigated throughout the sub-layer structural composition of the film and were co-related with the tribological properties.

Keywords: Tribo chemical reaction; AF/AW additive compounds; alkyl thiooctadecenoates; FTIR-MRA spectroscopy; action mechanism.


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