DOI: 10.5176/2382-5650_CCS14.19

Authors: K. L. WONG and L. Y. LO


Emotional intelligence (EI) is generally about one’s ability to manage his/her emotion and expressions in different contexts. Similar concepts can also be found in the traditional Confucian teaching. The present study therefore speculated a positive relationship between the exposure of the Confucian teaching and EI. Undergraduates from Chinese Language and Literature Department and from Economic and Finance Department were recruited to examine their level of EI with MSCEIT inventory. No significant difference in different aspects of EI between these two groups of participants was found. The popularity of Confucian teaching in Hong Kong society and the cultural factor in adapting MSCEIT were suggested to be the partial reasons explaining the insignificant difference.

Keywords: emotional intelligence, Confucian, culture


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